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Why Handwriting Recognition in Evernote is So Useful

The best ways to find your scribbles and handwritten notes in Evernote

The reality is that most of us have handwritten notes and often would like to find important information hidden in these notes.


Until not long ago, it was very difficult to search through your notes to find what you wanted.

The problem was twofold: having a central place to store all your notes and the fact that the technology for handwriting recognition was poor.

Evernote has made huge strides in solving both of these issues. You can store all your notes in Evernote so you have a central location. And, the handwriting recognition in Evernote is surprisingly good.

We've been amazed at the results of some of our searches on our scribbled notes.

Today we asked Paperitis team member Stacy to share some ideas on handwriting recognition and Evernote...

Why handwriting recognition is so useful

If you're like me, you jot down notes throughout the day. Perhaps, it is a phone number, a reminder, just about anything. And they're likely haphazardly strewn about your desk, coffee table or kitchen counter. Don't get lost in a sea of Post-Its.

Have you ever scribbled down a name and number while on the phone? Add this to Evernote, and now you can search for the person's name and instantly pull up your note.

Do you have pages of notes you took during your last meeting? Add your notes into Evernote to make them easily accessible and searchable. Find that project deadline you need without having to sift through many pages.

Handwriting recognition seems to work best when you scan handwritten notes in as JPEGs at a high resolution. Also, make sure you scan your note in as straight as possible.

Taking notes on your tablet

If you want to take handwritten notes directly on your tablet and then easily add these notes into Evernote, there are now a variety of apps to help you do this.

For example, Evernote acquired Penultimate, one of the best selling apps on the iPad, and made it free. Penultimate and Evernote are well integrated with each other. You can learn more about Penultimate on the Evernote blog:

Another approach is Livescribe, which is a smartpen that keeps a digital record of what you write or draw, and is also well integrated with Evernote. You can learn more here:

Although handwriting recognition is far from perfect, the technology will only continue to improve. This will make it easier to find what you need buried within your scribbled notes, no matter where you are.

We're interested in hearing if you use the handwriting recognition technology in Evernote and how it has helped you in your business or personal life. Share your thoughts and let us know if and/or how this changes the way you use Evernote in the comments below.