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Overcoming the Biggest Challenge for Going Paperless

How to eliminate boring, tedious grunt work

What is the #1 challenge entrepreneurs anticipate when they think about going paperless?

The answer is simple: it's finding the time to get started.


The approach we recommend to overcome Paperitis does not take a lot of upfront time -- you just need to shift your mindset a little and do one or two things differently.

That's why we've created this website -- to help you get started the RIGHT way. You aren't going to waste time making the mistakes that so many people have make.

Nonetheless, there is one area that still stumps a lot of people: how do you get your documents scanned without spending a lot of time -- and without becoming a scanner clerk?

Fortunately, there is a very good, easy solution to this problem!

There are a number of companies that can help you go paperless and avoid the grunt work of becoming a scanner clerk. We're going to tell you about a great little-known service we personally use.

This company specializes in scanning financial documents and business cards, but you can use them to scan most documents. We use them to scan our financial documents and business cards, as well as any other documents we want to be able to retrieve in the future.

So, the great little-known, service we personally use to scan our documents is called Shoeboxed.

All you do is grab your documents, stuff them into a prepaid envelope and drop it in the mail.   It's like sending a DVD back to Netflix.

Shoeboxed scans, extracts the text and data from your documents, then uploads them to your secure account and either send the documents back to you, or, shreds them -- its up to you.  This typically takes a few days.

In other words, all you do is stuff your documents into an envelope and drop them in the mail. Then a few days later, they're ready to go in your secure on-line account for you to easily download the info into Quickbooks, Quicken, Evernote, or other software programs.

Even better, because Shoeboxed and Evernote are now integrated, you can even have Shoeboxed automatically upload all your scanned documents into Evernote! That's what we do.

We use Shoeboxed as our scanner clerk. It makes a huge difference and it has reduced our busy work.

Important: NEW Special Offer for Paperitis Visitors...

I'm SO excited to be able to share this with you: We have been working for the last couple of months with some of the top people at Shoeboxed to get even more value for our subscribers and visitors.  I'm delighted to let you know about a very special bonus from Shoeboxed exclusively for our Paperitis visitors.

When you sign-up for a 30 day free trial of Shoeboxed (but only at ), you will get 100 extra FREE scans as part of your free trial!  (This won't show up on the webpage, but Shoeboxed WILL manually add these 100 extra free scans to your free trial.)  So if you haven't yet signed up, we highly recommend you do so right now:

To recap, for a small monthly fee, Shoeboxed scans your documents, extracts the data from your paper clutter, uploads it, sends your scanned documents to Evernote, and then sends your paper documents back to you or shreds them. Although it's not free, they do have a free trial.

We love that Shoeboxed takes care of the boring, tedious grunt work of scanning our (and many of our visitors) documents, which removes this huge obstacle from overcoming Paperitis.

Shoeboxed helps solve the #1 biggest challenge people have when they want to go paperless -- finding the time to get started and get their documents scanned.