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Evernote versus Dropbox: Which One Should I Use?

One of the most common tool questions we get asked...

Many people do not understand the difference between these two great applications. We like (and use) them both a lot.


We've talked a lot about why we love Evernote, and we're also fans of Dropbox, but for different reasons.

Dropbox is a wonderful program to share docs between devices and people. For example, if you've got a huge file that you don't want to email to someone, you can drag it into your Dropbox folder located on your computer.

Assuming that you've given them permission, the person who needs the file simply logs into Dropbox, goes into your folder and drags that file directly onto their computer. No need to email that file, or copy it onto a thumb drive or onto CD, etc.

Dropbox also has a side backup feature of backing up to the Cloud. However, Dropbox is not designed as a backup program, which is why we recommend other more powerful back-up procedures.

Therefore, the answer to the question: "Dropbox versus Evernote: Which One Should I Use?" is both.