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Evernote Launches Reminders - Its Biggest Missing Feature

Reminders in Evernote greatly improve Evernote as a simple To Do list and task manager

If you use Evernote as your To Do list, it just became a LOT more useful with the 5/23/13 introduction of Reminders.


Evernote says Reminders address the top 3 requests it gets from users:

- adding due dates integrated with receiving in-app and email notifications

- being able to create quick note based to-do lists

- pinning notes to the top of your note list

It's incredibly easy to add a Reminder so you can get alarms and notifications. Just select any Note, click the alarm clock icon on the top right nav bar, and set the time and date. Voila - you have a reminder! You can then choose if you want to have an email notification sent.

Reminders are currently available for Mac, iOS clients and web, and it will become available in other platforms in the not-too-distant future.

It doesn't look like you can add recurring reminders yet (like monthly bills), but we expect this will be added in the future.

Reminders are also available in Evernote Business. Evernote says this can turn a shared Notebook into a very simple and basic project management tool. We look forward to experimenting with this.

You can see the announcement here:

Here is a review:

There is certainly lots of polish that Evernote will want to add to make Reminders more useful, but this is a very good first step.

What do you use to manage your To Do list? Are you using (or now considering) Evernote? Share your thoughts and questions below.