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Evernote Hoopla? Ideas for People Who Don't "Get" Evernote -- And People Who Do

Tips for new and unique ways to use Evernote

After last week's article reviewing Brett Kelly's awesome Evernote Essentials Guide, some subscribers said they just don't "get" what all the Evernote fuss is about.

So, today we'll do two things:

- we'll let some people who previously did not "get" Evernote explain why they do now; and

- we'll share some very unique, creative ways for using Evernote so that you can get inspired.


We'll do this by taking a look at five excellent articles:

1. "What's All the Fuss About Evernote? Should I Be Using It?"

Melanie Pinola starts her LifeHacker article by writing: "I think the world might be divided into two groups: Those who love Evernote and those who don't (or, at least, don't understand why so many people love Evernote)."

We think she's right. :-) Plus, she has some great suggestions for how to use Evernote.

2. "I've Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here's Why It's Actually Amazing"

We highly recommend you check out this article by Whitson Gordon. He includes some interesting test cases and examples of how he now uses Evernote -- we think you'll be inspired.

3. "Priests on Evernote and dinner party productivity: we chat with CEO Phil Libin"

This recent interview with Evernote CEO Phil Libin contains a couple of fascinating uses of Evernote, including:

- how someone with a traumatic brain injury (who has no short-term memory) uses Evernote as his short-term memory

- how a priest uses Evernote to prepare his sermons while a totally unrelated person uses Evernote to write down all his sins to make it easier to remember them for Sunday confession.

4. "Get Creative With Evernote: 10 Unique Uses You Haven't Thought Of"

Clearly a fan of Evernote, Nancy Messieh has put together an interesting list of 10 unique ways to use Evernote. We can't decide which of her suggestions is our favorite -- let us know in the comments which one YOU like best. ;-)

5. "Evernote is Not a Solution (and Software Recommendations in General)"

And if you want a contrarian approach, check out this article on why a photographer and blogger, Aaron Hockley, does NOT use Evernote. We really like his request for comments (and there are some good ideas in the comments):

"If you have some crazy-good use for Evernote, please leave a comment below. Perhaps it does something awesome that I don't know about, or perhaps you've found a great hack or use that adds a lot of value to your life. Please share. Even if Evernote isn't the right software for me, I want to learn how you use it."

We'd love to know how YOU use Evernote as well. Please share below.