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A Little-Known (Yet One of Our Favorite) Evernote Features:
Note Links

Note Links boost productivity and save time by giving you fast, easy access to your notes from virtually anywhere

Today we want to share an advanced feature of Evernote -- one that's incredibly easy to use.


It's called Note Links -- and it will take you about 90 seconds to learn to use them. We just used them traveling to a conference in Portland and three California cities. They were absolutely invaluable -- we used them in our calendar, for emails, etc. -- it's hard to imagine planning a trip without Note Links!

To explain Note Links to you, we asked Paperitis team member, Stacy, to tell you about her experiences with Note Links...

I'll admit that I jumped on the Evernote bandwagon later than most. But once I discovered how easily I could organize my thoughts virtually, I was on board. Now, with the addition of Note Links, I can link notes together for faster and easier access, and it's simple to do.

What the Heck Are Note Links?

Note Links are an easy way to keep your notes organized by linking your notes to other notes or into other software programs. With a couple clicks, you're well on your way to creating the perfect organizing structure just for you.

Create Note Links

So how do you create a Note Link? First, open Evernote from your desktop. Find a note and either right-click on it to select Copy Note Link or choose Copy Note Link from the Note menu. The link to this note is now on your clipboard.

Now, decide where you want to put this Note Link. You can paste this link just about anywhere you choose. Paste your link into a new or existing note, a calendar event, anywhere. Click on your Note Link, and the associated note will appear. That's all there is to it.

Using Note Links

One of my favorite things about Note Links is its accessibility from other programs. These links easily integrate with my calendar, presentations and other documents.

Here's an example: I travel often and now use Note Links to create a table of contents to help keep my itinerary in check. When I go to a conference, I can easily locate all of the notes I've collected about my itinerary, the conference schedule, speakers, places to visit, restaurants and menus, and important phones numbers. It's all right there.

I also use Note Links to add more depth to my calendar. If I have meetings scheduled that need further elaboration, it's easy to pop a Note Link into a calendar event to access notes I jotted down for that particular meeting.

Another way I use Note Links is to create Master Notes for projects. I can then create Note Links to the most important other Notes about that topic. It's a quick and handy way to navigate through lots of Notes.

Give it a try. Create a few Note Links and start to get a feel for them. If you're like me, you'll wonder what you ever did without them. What a time-saver!

In summary, Note Links give you fast access to the things you need most, and best of all, it's EASY.

How are you using Note Links? Are you becoming better organized by using them? We're interested in hearing how Note Links help keep you, your projects and your thoughts clutter-free and productive. Please share your ideas below.