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4 Useful Ways Evernote Can Help Your Business
Save Time and Money

From note taking to organizing files, Evernote's ability to "remember everything" allows
your business to save time and money

After our post a couple of weeks ago on all the Evernote hoopla, we received a lot of interest in how to get started with Evernote. So, we asked newest Paperitis Team Member Stacy to share her thoughts to help you get going with Evernote.


Evernote encourages you to "remember everything." But did you know that Evernote can also help your business save time and money?

Evernote isn't just for personal use, although it does wonders to keep your personal life organized and in order.

As the old saying goes, time is money. By incorporating Evernote into your business, whether large or small, you can save both time and money, and keep your business running smoothly.

Using Evernote to improve your business

We compiled four useful ways Evernote can help your business save time and money. And if you are already using Evernote, ask yourself: are you getting the most out of it? Let's find out...

1. Take your note-taking skills to a whole new level.

Why limit yourself to just pen and paper when taking notes in your next meeting? Evernote has a vast range of capabilities that will keep your notes organized and easily accessible. Don't waste your time sifting through piles of papers trying to find one piece of information.

Create "notebooks" in Evernote for your meetings and have your notes literally at your fingertips. Type them directly into Evernote or take a photo of handwritten notes and add them to a specific notebook.

The search tool can help you quickly find whatever you're looking for. Evernote's handwriting recognition allows your handwritten notes to be searchable, too.

Evernote also allows you to share your notebooks with your colleagues. Don't spend money on photocopies of pertinent notes for every member of your team. Allow them access to your notebook, and they'll have everything you want them to see immediately available.

2. Keep your business contacts handy.

Even in the digital age, business cards are still important to help people network. However, they are also easy to lose if thrown on your desk to be filed later. Store these business cards in Evernote to keep all of your business contacts handy.

Take a photo of the business card and add it to Evernote. You can also add details of any meetings you may have had with these businesses. Again, with Evernote's text recognition, you can search for the business name and pull up the card, even as an image.

3. Create a virtual filing cabinet.

Are filing cabinets taking up too much space in your office? Are you tired of spending massive amounts of time to find one specific file? Evernote makes it easy to go digital with your files.

Evernote has a feature called "stacks" that helps make a virtual filing cabinet possible. With this feature, you can link related notebooks to each other.

For example, you can create a stack for Clients. In this stack, you can store notebooks for each client that will contain all of their information, from their account details to signed contracts.

4. Never lose another receipt.

I imagine everyone reading this has probably lost an important receipt at some point, and trying to find it can result in lost time and money. If you need to track your expenses, Evernote is an easy way to make sure you don't lose another important receipt again. Create a "receipts" notebook, take a photo of the receipt and add it to Evernote. It's that simple.

These are just a few suggestions on how to start using Evernote to save your business time and money. We would love to hear how you are using Evernote in your business and how it is making a difference. Please share your thoughts below.