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Is Someone You Care About Unemployed and Struggling to Find a Job?

A personal story -- and advice -- about recovering from a layoff (even when you're blindsided)

You'll notice immediately that the topic of this post is quite different from our usual tips. The reason we're sharing this with you is because you no doubt know someone who is unemployed.

We thought this article would help you be supportive as they look for a job. In fact, we encourage you to forward this article to anyone who might benefit.


Here's the story:

A few months ago, the sister of one of our team members was faced with a life-changing situation. To protect her privacy, we're going to refer to her as "Sarah."

As is the case with so many businesses, Sarah's corporation found itself in the undesirable position of having to conduct layoffs in every department.

The morning the layoffs were to occur, Sarah's boss called her into his office and told Sarah that she and her entire department would be terminated effectively immediately.

That was the moment Sarah's world turned upside down. Being a single parent and the sole provider, fears about how she would support her family and continue to pay for college overwhelmed her.

How did Sarah land on her feet?

For one thing, she received (as a gift from Audri as a matter of fact!) a copy of the famous book titled:

"What Color is Your Parachute"

It's also available in ebook format:

Now, you're probably thinking: "that book is out of date"... or "things have changed a lot since that book was written"... or that "it may be good for people looking for their first job, but not for older, seasoned professionals."

In fact, this book is revised each year, and it's definitely NOT your grandmother's version. ;-)

What was most important is that Sarah actually went through the exercises in the book.

We're happy to report that by following the advice given in What Color is Your Parachute, she found herself a new job that she is very happy with!

When someone you know is in a similar situation, we hope hearing Sarah's story motivates them to get a copy and take the first steps in the right direction.

Action: Check out "What Color is Your Parachute". And recommend it to the people in your life who need it. Or buy them a copy. :-)

And let us know what you think -- and what you did -- in the comments section below.