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A Very Unconventional Way to Say "No"

How to say "No" -- resources on what to do and what NOT to do

Literary critic Edmund Wilson used a form letter for saying no to strangers. It's even been dubbed the "best decline letter of all time." We don't agree with that, but it definitely is worth a look:


Most of us don't want to use such an insensitive approach. We prefer a bit more grace and empathy. :-)

Here are 3 good resources:

Chris Lema has created a series of articles called the "No" series. For example, check out this article called "I Say No to the Request, not the Person."

Michael Hyatt has an excellent article on how to use email templates to say No with grace - we highly recommend you check it out:

And you can visit our article "5 Experts Share Their Best Time-Saving Shortcut / Life Hack."

Action: Ask yourself if there is anything you can take away from Edmund Wilson's letter. For example...

- Can you create a list of things that you will say No to so you don't have to think about them in the future?

- Are there things you say Yes to that you should really always be saying No to?

- Can you create email templates like Michael has developed to make it easier to say No quickly?

What do you think of Edmund Wilson's form letter? Which of the resources we recommended was most helpful? And what is your best advice for saying No? Please share your thoughts and questions below.