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A Useful Tip to Help Make Tax Season Less Stressful

How to deal with all your receipts more effectively

Dealing with Paperitis is especially problematic during tax season since you have so many receipts you need to handle in a very short period of time. All the paper clutter can quickly become unmanageable.


Here's our advice for how to eliminate this increasingly stressful situation...

As you probably know, we're huge fans of Shoeboxed for scanning your paper documents. And during tax season, Shoeboxed is particularly valuable.

In fact, one of the fastest and easiest ways we've found to help overcome Paperitis -- the overwhelming feelings caused by paper clutter, endless stacks of receipts, and information overload -- is using Shoeboxed.

A Brief Intro to Shoeboxed...

Shoeboxed can help you eliminate the paper clutter in your home or office, which many of our visitors have found very liberating.

When you sign up for a Shoeboxed account (and it's free for 30 days), you'll receive a series of Magic Blue Envelopes.

You can think of these envelopes as mighty receipt receptacles. :-)

In other words, dump your paper receipts, bank statements, or any other hard copy documents into the prepaid envelopes, toss them in the mailbox, and relax.

And because Shoeboxed can automatically send all your documents directly to your Evernote account, this can help you overcome Paperitis quickly and easily.

Shoeboxed Saves You Time and Money During Tax Prep Season

In the past, we used to find that Paperitis was worst right around tax time. In fact, we've personally experienced some of the biggest benefits of overcoming Paperitis in terms of how we deal with tax preparation.

Many of our subscribers use some of Shoeboxed's financial organization features to help with their tax preparation. Once your receipts have been scanned, you can have Shoeboxed organize them into easily editable categories, making deductions easy to determine and total.

Perhaps the most frequent question we get asked is how the IRS views digital receipts in the event of an audit. After all, if digital receipts are not legally acceptable, then scanning docs and using the digital versions as part of your tax preparation process would have serious limitations.

Although we can't give you financial or legal advice, we can point you to a couple of articles about how the IRS looks at digital receipts for tax purposes. We think you'll find these articles helpful:

and in the "Electronic Records: section here on the IRS site:

Throughout the year, we use Shoeboxed to scan our receipts. Then at tax time, we're able to send our CPA all our docs and receipts electronically. This has saved us a LOT of time and money.

Is Shoeboxed right for you? We obviously don't know your specific situation. However, Shoeboxed offers a FREE 30 day trial when you open an account, so you can try it for yourself at no cost for 30 days and then decide if Shoeboxed makes sense for you.

Good News: A Special Offer For Paperitis Subscribers

We've arranged with Shoeboxed to make a very special offer for Paperitis subscribers and visitors:

When you sign up for a 30 day free trial of Shoeboxed -- but only at (which is our Shoeboxed affiliate domain name) -- you will get 100 extra FREE scans as part of your free trial. (This won't show up on the webpage, but Shoeboxed WILL manually add these 100 extra free scans to your free trial.) So if you haven't yet signed up for a Shoeboxed account, we recommend you do so right now:

You can learn more about Shoeboxed here:

Please let us know your experiences and post your questions or comments below.