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To Shoeboxed, Or Not to Shoeboxed...

Is it necessary to scan documents you'll never need to retrieve?

We got an excellent question this week from one of our Paperitis Cure Founding Members:


Hi Paperitis Team:

What do you recommend doing with all of the receipts (credit card, ATM, store,...) that you know you don't ever need again (won't need them for taxes, to return an item,...). Should I shred them or send them to Shoeboxed?


Here's our answer:

Unless there are legal requirements for keeping specific documents (which are fairly rare), we look at just about everything from the point of view of retrieval. Specifically, here's what we do:

We do NOT send credit card receipts, ATM receipts, etc. that we'll probably never retrieve to Shoeboxed because this would be a waste of time and money, and just clutters up our Evernote account.

We simply collect these receipts in a pile, and each month put them in a folder out of the way. We save these folders for a year and then shred them.

The only exceptions for us have been receipts for work done on our cars and medical receipts and/or anything else that may be important to save (i.e. big ticket purchases) -- or other items we think we may need to retrieve.

Perhaps once or twice a year, we wind up searching for a receipt from these folders. So this approach makes sense in terms of balancing how likely you are to retrieve against the cost and time of inputting.

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So if you haven't yet here's the link:

Let us know what you think. We appreciate your feedback.