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Super-Useful Tip About Highlights and Notes in Your Kindle Ebooks...

How to get highlights and notes out of your Kindle ebooks

One of the questions we get asked frequently is how to get highlights and notes out of your Kindle ebooks. It's incredibly useful to be able to get at the sections of text you highlight, and add your own notations to that text.

After all, when you highlight and create notes, you often want to DO something with that information in a different program, such as a word processor, presentation program, etc.

However, Amazon really hides how to get at this info. Here's how:


You may have discovered that all of your highlighted text and notes for a particular book can be found (when you have a book open) in "My Notes and Marks" when you click on the "Go To" icon on your Kindle or Kindle app.

But did you know these annotations are also saved to your Amazon account so all your highlights and notes from ALL your books (including library ebooks that you get via Amazon's Kindle system) and can be viewed in one spot and saved someplace else? Like, say, Evernote?

We've found the search function within the Kindle app to be a bit... unwieldy, shall we say? So having the ability to use Evernote's search utility for all your Kindle notes is fantastic.

The magic URL that many people can't find is:

You'll need to log into your Amazon account. Once there, you can use Evernote's web clipper to send the whole page of highlights to your Evernote account.

Amazon says you also have the option, if you're using a Kindle device, (instead of the Kindle reader application for the iPad, BlackBerry, Android phone, or computer) of sending your "My Clippings" TXT file to Evernote.

Simply connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable. Use your computer's browser to view the Documents folder on your Kindle. Transfer the "My Clippings" file from your Kindle to your computer. Drag and drop the "My Clippings" TXT file onto the Evernote icon. Voila! All your notes and highlights in one place.

This is still a somewhat new function, so it does currently have some limitations. It only works on items purchased from Amazon. So any annotated PDFs, documents, or spreadsheets you've uploaded won't show up here. Amazon also puts a limit on the amount you can access from each book.

So, while not without its restrictions, we think being able to download your Kindle clippings into Evernote is a super-useful feature. Especially considering the tale of the deleted Amazon account.

"Joseph" received an email from Amazon stating that they believed an unauthorized person "may have" accessed his Amazon account. Amazon therefore deleted and permanently closed his account. Amazon did give "Joseph" gift cards in order for him to repurchase his extensive library, but all of the highlighting, bookmarking, and annotating he'd made in his books was lost. Forever.

Don't let this happen to you. Periodically download your highlights and notes to Evernote.