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Is "Inbox Zero" Right for You?

New thoughts on "Inbox Zero"

"Inbox Zero" (leaving work each day with zero emails in your inbox) was developed by Merlin Mann, the creator of It has been highly promoted for a long time as a way to "reclaim your email, your attention and your life."


The idea is that if you have zero emails in your inbox, you'd have a lot less stress and be more organized. We've heard from friends that for them it changed everything, transformed their work life and set them free.

If it works for you -- great!

It's never worked for us though. And this weekend, we read an interesting article that explains part of the reason why. It's called: "The myth of Inbox Zero and the path to peace of mind" by Shawn Carolan. Check it out here:

Our 3 primary reasons for not using Inbox Zero are:

1. You waste time each day dealing with things that aren't the best use of your time just to clear out your inbox.

2. You are letting other people dictate your agenda.

3. If you get as much email as we do, some of it is truly not worth dealing with. ;-)

Shawn provides some interesting thoughts on how to organize your tasks and emails. He divides them into Must Do's, Should Do's and Want to Do's. He has developed an app called Handle that he wants you to try as well (we haven't tried it).

Although we certainly don't agree with everything in this article, it is very worth the time to read.

Please share your thoughts and questions below - we'd love to hear your thoughts on Inbox Zero, as well as your tips on dealing with your email more productively.