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How to Handle an Overwhelming To Do List

Experiment - What to do when you have too much to do

Today we want to do something different, an experiment.


We get a lot of email from subscribers with amazing tips and advice. So today, we'd like to ask you to share both your biggest questions -- and your best advice -- about how to handle an overwhelming to do list, especially when you truly feel that you have more that has to get done than you can realistically accomplish.

Let's experiment and share our collective wisdom. What seems obvious to you may well be the "ah ha" moment that makes all the difference to someone else.

The advice we've shared on this topic has primarily focused on gaining clarity, saying no, prioritizing, focus, and avoiding distractions, interruptions and procrastination. Feel free to expand or get specific about these topics -- or share something else entirely.

In the comments below, please share the areas where you get stuck. We encourage you to answer each others questions as well. Post what you think would make the biggest difference to help each other. And of course, ask your questions below.