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Feeling Stuck? Our 2 Favorite Strategies to Start Moving Forward

How to overcome blocks and procrastination

We all get stuck sometimes: we feel blocked, unsure how to move forward, or even paralyzed. Sometimes it feels as if we've hit a brick wall.


The traditional advice is to "just do it" -- to soldier through and destroy the blocks.

When that works for you, go for it!

However, here are two of our favorite strategies that don't require as much discipline.
We find they can be more effective. :-)

Strategy #1: "The Brief Daily Session"

"Productivity Maven" Tara Rodden Robinson was asked her best time saving trick or life hack. We love her answer, which she calls the "Brief Daily Session":

"It's simple: choose a short amount of time, like 3 to 5 minutes, and set a timer. Then get busy on the task at hand. When the timer alarms, if you've got some momentum, you can keep going. If not, you're off the hook!

"It plays on the principle that motivation follows involvement. Often, once you're started, the momentum carries you forward. Practiced daily, you can chip away at just about anything and get tons accomplished. My clients swear by it (and so do I!)."

Action: Pick an area where you feel stuck. Try Tara's approach -- we bet you'll have some very good success.

Check out Tara's website -- she has lots of great productivity tips. And while you're there, be sure to subscribe to her newsletter.

Strategy #2: Switch to an easy task that moves the project forward

This strategy is often used by writers and screenwriters when they get writer's block. However, it works in many other situations as well.

Let's say you're experiencing writer's block. You've been trying to get yourself to write a specific chapter, scene, blog post, etc. -- and you've hit a wall.

Rather than procrastinating, pick something easy that's part of the overall project and focus on that for a few minutes.

For example, is there a bit of research you need to do? Some royalty-free images you'll need for the final product? A different section where you can write up your notes or thoughts? Etc.

Focus on this easy project for a few minutes. You'll likely make some good progress.

This forward motion will often give you enough of the momentum you need to start tackling the bigger, more difficult project. Then, select a small, specific part of the bigger project to focus on. You'll find it's a lot easier now than you previously thought!

Action: Pick another area where you feel stuck. Try selecting an easy task within this project to help you move forward.

Please let us know your results when you try these strategies. What tips do you have for getting unstuck? Share them with us here.