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5 Creative Ways to Use Evernote as You Go Paperless

Non-obvious ways Evernote can be very useful

We asked one of our Paperitis Team Members to write this article for you. We hope you enjoy it...

For those of you who don't know, Evernote is a multi-platform note taking application for computers (both PCs and Macs) and mobile devices. With it you can create notes, upload photos and audio, and organize all of your information into notebooks.


You can title or tag your notes for easy sorting, or search for text within a photo or a note (yes, you can search a photo for text, including handwriting!) and access your data from any device that has Internet access. It also works with several other applications (like Skitch, Call Trunk, Reeder, Penultimate and others) and the number is growing daily.
Here are some ways you can eliminate up to 90 percent of the paper around the office using Evernote.
1.  You may already be receiving paperless receipts and invoices. Most of your online transactions send you an electronic invoice or an e-receipt. By setting up your email filters you can have those automatically forwarded to your Evernote account using your special Evernote email address. Having all of your receipts and invoices stored in one place makes them easily organized and easily accessible.
2.  Sick kids? Snowed in? Don't fret about those days you can't make it into the office. Evernote allows you to share documents making collaboration much easier over distance with no need for paper. Share notes or entire notebooks. Share PDF documents and pictures. With Evernote you can take your office with you wherever you go, and leave the paper mess behind.
3.  Having a hard time keeping track of all of the websites that you've been researching for that big article or project? Evernote has a solution for that. Use Evernote's web clipper to clip URLs, articles, and pictures. Keep all of your online resources organized and easily accessible, making your projects infinitely more manageable.
4.  Need a handy way to store, sort and organize your business cards? Take a picture of them and add the name and business card or content to the Subject.
Need to find somebody to do your graphics for you? Search in your business cards notebook for "Graphics". No more searching around the drawers in your desk or looking all over that cluttered bulletin board. Keep all your business cards organized and at the tip of your fingers wherever you are.
5.  Find it hard to organize your notes from meetings? Worry no longer. Simply use your smartphone to record the meetings, or make the notes that you want to make, and upload them. Record voice memos throughout the day, upload them, label them, and forget about them. Search to find the notes you want when you need them.
Eliminating paper from the office can often appear to be a daunting process. Evernote makes it easier. By taking advantage of the storage Evernote offers as well as the range of apps compatible with Evernote, transitioning the paper out of your office just got a whole lot easier. Using these examples will get you started. How far you go is only limited by your imagination.