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What Is YOUR Biggest Fear About Going Paperless?

3 surprising reasons your fear may actually be based on a myth

Without question, the biggest fear we're hearing is that people are scared of going paperless because they're concerned they'll "lose everything," "lose information because of a computer crash," or they'll "lose important information and not be able to recreate it."

Fair enough.


However, the reason we find this so fascinating is because in reality -- if done well (which is vital) -- going paperless is actually SAFER and leads to LESS chance of losing important information than staying with paper.

Here are three (of the many) reasons why:

1. When you use a good digital system, if you misfile a document, you can search and retrieve on any word in the document, so you are MUCH more likely to quickly find it than a misfiled paper document.

2. If you back up properly, including to the "cloud" and/or remote locations, your information won't be lost in a natural disaster like a flood or earthquake.

Paper documents often don't survive when a house or office is flooded, and people rarely have backups of their paper documents. ;-)

3. You are less likely to misfile digital documents. Digital documents are only "filed" once. Since paper documents have to be refiled every time you use them, your chance of misfiling them are MUCH higher.

And here's my own personal experience: in the time since I've gone 90% paperless (almost 3 years!), there have ONLY been 12 times when I've been unable to immediately find a document I wanted.

In each of these 12 instances, it took between 5 and 20 minutes for me to find the document.

Being unable to find documents used to happen a couple of times a WEEK to me! (I work on so many projects and have so many documents.)

Prior to going 90% paperless, it used to sometimes take hours (and sometimes I never found the document). So, there is no question that for me, going paperless has had exactly the opposite of the feared effect -- it's led to a much SAFER solution.

Obviously, YMMV (your mileage may vary). But being able to find what I need, when I need it -- and from anywhere -- has completely transformed my life. I now feel like I have taken control... of my information, my business and my life!