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Surprising Answers to the 2 Biggest Questions on How to Go Paperless to Save Time, Money... and a Few Trees

Get relief from Paperitis without the busywork typically associated with getting organized

If you are up to your eyeballs in paper, feel out of control with all the information constantly coming at you, or are overwhelmed because you're spending far too much time getting way too few results, then this article is for you.


You've probably tried many things to get organized in the past that didn't work. However, what you'll learn in this article is not about being neat or disciplined.

We coined the term Paperitis to describe all of the paper clutter and information overload that feels so overwhelming. The goal of this article is to help you start to get relief from Paperitis without the busywork typically associated with getting organized.

Over the years, thousands of business owners and professionals have asked our advice about going paperless. We will answer two of the biggest questions to help you overcome your Paperitis.

Question #1: Why should I bother going paperless?

When most people think about going paperless, they think about helping the environment (which is something we personally care passionately about).

However, we've found that for most entrepreneurs, the biggest benefits of going paperless are how much time, money and frustration they save, and helping the environment comes for free.

In fact, research shows that most entrepreneurs will save at least $5,000 by going paperless the right way. They will also save a great deal of time and frustration because they will be able to quickly find the information they need, no matter where they are.

Question #2: What is the biggest mistake people make when they decide to go paperless?

Most entrepreneurs start by asking the wrong question and doing so dooms their paperless efforts. They ask: "I've decided to go paperless, so what scanner should I buy?" or "Is the scanner I already own up to the job?"

Most authorities tell you to buy a scanner as the very first thing; they claim it's absolutely necessary if you want to succeed.

This used to be true. However, today a scanner should be far down on your list of purchases. In fact, we recommend going paperless without using a scanner at all!


First, you can outsource document scanning inexpensively.

Second, scanning is not the way you should be allocating your precious and valuable time.

Third, there are always tasks that are more important than scanning, which means you'll rightfully do the important work. This will cause you to get behind on scanning and then you won't be able to find your vital information.

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Have you started going paperless yet? What are the biggest benefits you've experienced? We'd love to have you share your thoughts below.