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The Truth About Multitasking

Quiz: Find out if you're REALLY good at multitasking...

Many people, especially those who are younger, THINK they are great at multitasking. They believe that by multitasking, they are saving time and getting a lot more done.


Aside: In case you're wondering exactly what "multitasking" is, we looked it up in the dictionary, and the definition (for people, not computers) is: "the performance of multiple tasks at one time."

Yet, many experts claim that multitasking is a myth.

So, who is right?

Most people who think they are good at multitasking are wrong. Researchers have found that in controlled studies, only about 2.5% of people can multitask without performing WORSE at either task. That is not to say they perform better or faster -- just that they don't perform worse. These people are being dubbed "supertaskers."
(Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 5/2010)

More recent neuroscience research using MRI scanners points to the same conclusion.

However, this still doesn't really answer the question: are YOU good at multitasking?

Dave Crenshaw, the author of The Myth of Multitasking, has developed a quick, simple quiz you can take to put your skills to the test and find out. He uses this exercise in his speeches and workshops. Click here to take his quiz right now. It's fun.

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