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Are you:

  • Up to your eyeballs in paper?
  • Feeling out of control with all the information that's CONSTANTLY coming at you?
  • Embarrassed by the piles of clutter on your desk?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and want relief NOW, then this free Action Plan is for you.

Fast results are key to getting me started on a project AND to keeping me going. This plan is perfect because you see immediate results. Thanks!
- Cathy Stucker,, Sugar Land TX

Here's What You Will Find in This Free Action Plan

  • You'll discover the simple steps to get rid of clutter, plus receive a step-by-step checklist
  • You can eliminate all the clutter without spending ANY money
  • You'll enjoy entertaining cartoons by an award-winning cartoonist (the cartoons illustrate the checklist)
  • It will take you less than one hour
  • Plus, you'll feel immediate relief.

Does This Really Work?

Yes! Because our simple breakthrough approach is based on proven strategies, you won't get stuck or blocked by the fears or time constraints that hold most people back.

In only one hour, you can experience how liberating and motivating a clutter-free desk can be. You'll create space and possibilities. And your productivity will soar!

Wow, you really did make getting the clutter off my desk fast and unexpectedly FUN. Bravo!
- Susan Negen, Grand Haven MI

Here's more good news: You'll receive our FREE Ecourse which includes the exact 4-step BLUEPRINT that shows you how you can take control of your information, get a lot more done every day and say goodbye to embarrassing clutter for good -- no matter how overwhelmed or disorganized you feel right now.

All without the grunt work typically associated with getting organized. :-)

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Here's to a a clutter-free desk in an hour,

Audri and Jim Lanford

P.S. Maybe you're wondering, "Can these people really help me?" Well, we built an Inc. 500 company helping businesses (including Procter & Gamble, DuPont and Johnson & Johnson) save millions of dollars eliminate clutter and go paperless starting in 1985. Recently, we've focused on helping entrepreneurs and professionals.

We believe we can help you too. But why not find out for yourself? Download the Action Plan and enroll for your free Ecourse for more valuable tips and tricks by entering your email in the signup box at the top right above.